Is it OK to take AminoFormula while pregnant?


Thanks for asking. Although it may be safe, there are little to no studies performed on most supplements with women pregnant or breast feeding for obvious ethical reasons and therefore we always error on the side of caution to say not to use AminoFormula during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You can use a dotFIT meal replacement/protein formula for a pre/post workout if desired, since these are food products. Also see 'More Info' below.
More Info
Supplements that are ok during pregnancy or breastfeeding: the dotFIT multivitamin and mineral formula (Women’sMV during breastfeeding but use the doctor prescribed prenatal during pregnancy), SuperOmega-3s, any of the meal replacements and if needed, SuperCalcium and extra iron by doctors recommendation. If she needs a pre/post workout recovery drink or protein supplement, use one of our meal replacements/protein shakes such as Pre/Post Workout and Meal Replacement formula, WheySmooth (all natural if desired) or Best Plant Protein.

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