dotFIT Certification 99 ver. 2

dotFIT Certification 99 ver. 2 (1 cert seat )


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dotFIT Certification 99 ver. 2

dotFIT Certification 99 ver. 2

(1 cert seat)


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The primary purpose of this course is to give sports and fitness professionals (SFPs) an effective means of delivering an approved* evidence-based nutrition solution tailored to fit within their scope of practice to complement their clients’ exercise/training regimen. This course enables SFPs to easily create a customized nutrition/fitness program and monitor client intake, activity level, and progress, using state of the art interactive and mobile friendly software. The course content is delivered through high quality video with access to supporting course materials with peer reviewed references and client-friendly educational resources. This 4.5-hour certification simplifies and demystifies the basics of nutrition and common misconceptions, including proper use of dietary supplements, allowing the student to grasp guidelines and deliver them to their clients or athletes. Successful completion of this course gives the participant a viable tool to deliver an integrated fitness solution to use with each client/athlete to enhance results and achieve otherwise unattainable goals, thus greatly improving their professional status, earning potential, and career opportunities. This course is approved for The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Registered Dietitian Nutritionists earn 4.5 CPEUs as approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).


  • Nutrition Section
    • Guidelines made simple including frequently asked questions
    • Food logging interactive video tutorial
  • Activity Section
    • Workout builder and activity tracking, including connecting wearable devices and third-party apps
  • The Practitioner’s Dietary Supplement Section
    • Industry overview and the impact of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
    • The dotFIT difference (components of a practitioner product)
    • Protein and protein powders
    • Health, weight loss and muscle gain supplements (evidence-based)
  • Coaching Section
    • Client monitoring for success and administrative processes

Upon Successful Course Completion Participants will:

Identify the inseparable connection between nutrition and exercise for fitness and weight control goals, but most importantly, recognize how fitness professional should be the one to integrate a viable nutrition component to enhance their client’s desired fitness outcomes while remaining within their scope of practice. Clients who require medical nutrition therapy are referred to a staff and/or local registered dietitian nutritionist.

Become dotFIT Worldwide affiliates with exclusive ongoing access to nutrition and exercise resources including coaches, registered dietitians and sports nutrition experts; lifelong discounts on evidence-based and third party tested nutritional products; personal business, career and financial growth opportunities, and domestic and international job opportunities throughout the sport and fitness industry.

Identify the current regulatory framework of dietary supplements in the United States and the risks of mass market supplements. Identify evidence-based dietary supplement ingredients and the components of a practitioner product. 

Recognize the key health role they can play in society by including a simple, authentic nutrition component in client programming and embrace the responsibility to do so, making them a more sought after SFP than their exercise instructor peers.

*The dotFIT program is compliant with North Carolina regulations. The North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition (NCBDN) provides standards for safe weight control programs. dotFIT has adopted these standards for its online nutrition and fitness program which assures we meet or exceeds the strictest standards in the U.S. for nutrition/weight control programs administered by individuals (e.g. athletic, fitness, personal trainers, etc.) who are not necessarily licensed nutrition  professionals such as dieticians.


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